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How to prevent weekend sabotage: ask yourself these questions

If you sabotage your weekends, here is an exercise that you can work through before the weekend starts to bring out your inner coach and quiet your inner rebel. This exercise engages your conscious mind (the part of our mind that has the goals) and tells your unconscious mind (where your inner rebel lives) that she’s going to be satisfied too. 

There is power in journaling, so I recommend that you write your answers out on paper. Moving your thoughts out of your mind onto paper can not only allow you to see your thoughts from a new perspective but can reinforce intentions.

  1. In 1-3 words, how do I want to feel at the end of the weekend? (Ex: light, in control, happy, at peace)

  1. What are my plans for the weekend? (social plans, meal plans, exercise plans, etc.)

  1. How can I best strategize for some flexibility? 


Reframing the day: I’m going out to dinner Saturday night and have a family lunch on Sunday. What will the rest of Saturday and Sunday look like to achieve the balance I want?

Looking ahead at the menu and deciding what I am going to order.)

  1. Specifically, what sort of flexibility am I going to enjoy? (Drinks, dessert, etc.) 

  1. As I think of those discretionary choices, what am I going to have and how much is the right amount for me? (Ex: beers, 2. Ice cream, one scoop. Cheesecake, ½ slice)

  1. How might I prepare my mind for the unexpected? (ex: affirm to myself that I can coach myself at any time I need to, visualize myself at the end of the weekend feeling the way I want to feel)

  1. To create the balance I want and not deprive myself of some flexibility, what other healthy habits might I engage in? (ex: drink more water, take a walk)

  1. What else might I do to help me feel the way I want to feel at the end of the weekend? (ex: take some time for self-care, journal, devotion, get out in nature, celebrate the successes from the week)

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